The objective is simple. Teach and Encourage through the Word of God. With the knowledge of the “truth”, we can begin to thrive and have great impact in this world. Without the “truth”, we let lies, deception and the actions and words of others hinder us.

My name is Chenelle Harris and I live in Virginia with my husband and two children.  I believe that we are all created by God and we each have wonderful purpose and potential inside of us.  My prayer is that this site will lift up a bowed down head, mend a broken heart, make someone smile, encourage and/or heal a broken spirit.

2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Well, well, well…I had no idea you had this in you, no that’s an unintentional lie. I did know you have this in you! You are a wonderful motivator, spiritually and in all other facets of life. You are a very special person with a great heart and soul that must be shared with all. Right now I may be struggling to “walk”, but what walking I do is usually in the truth! I do however have one recommendation, you need the web page to show this is you, my one and only Chenelley! Put your name on the main page or header, put your picture on here somewhere too. You never know who will see this and decide to help take you up to yet another level. One day, you could be having your “own” show on the “OWN” (Oprah Winfrey Network)!!

    Keep on walking my friend, and talking, and blogging, and sharing.

    Love it and love you,

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