Blow Your Trumpet

blow your trumpet

Today at church we celebrated Pastor Dean’s 43 Anniversary. 43 years of shepherding over Ebenezer Baptist Church. Our speak Dr. James A. Hudson, Associate Minister at Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Newport News, VA encouraged our Pastor to continue to “Blow His Trumpet”-continue to share the truth of God’s word. The bible verse referenced was Isaiah 58:1. Blowing his Trumpet is part of Pastor Dean’s call but another fact is that we all have trumpets.

The way we walk, talk, what we do, how we interact with people, how we use our time and how we spend our money are all “sounds” from our personal trumpets. The question is, what sound is coming from your trumpet?

1. Is it pleasant? Filled with kindness, helpfulness, encouragement

2. Is it unpredictable? Filled with encouragement sometimes and discouragement at other times.

3. Is it rising? Is your life in a continuous growth and learning mode? Always striving to be better than you were the day before?

I’m challenged to assess my sound, my trumpet. What is my life saying? Am I having a positive impact on people or do people want to cover their ears when they are around me?

Let’s work on assessing our sound and taking action to make sure that it is pleasant and on key.  What sound is coming from your personal trumpet?

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