Self Assessment-Needed Daily


Minister Mathew Winder challenged us today to take a self assessment of sorts, Mark 4:13-20. It describes the obstacles that can prevent God’s truth from truly impacting our lives. At times the word does not have a chance to be heard and at other times, the word is received but fails to have impact due to distractions or failure to take hold, to really be received by our hearts and minds.

For me, I don’t believe these scenarios necessarily happen in order or reflect a growth pattern. For me, I believe at times I’m in a Mark 4: 20 season, in which I’m fruitful and having a positive impact on God’s Kingdom. Then at other times, I feel like I’m in a Mark 4:18-19 season. I hear and know the word but I let the distractions of this world impact my ability to live out my purpose. The truth is that when we’re not living out our purpose, someone or something suffers because as member of the body of Christ, to be most effective, we all have to do our part.

The word for Ebenezer Baptist Church today was not the most feel good message I’ve ever had (smile), but it was effective for me. For me, I need to take my self assessment daily. Daily? Yes, time in God’s word daily, time in prayer daily, time listening to God’s voice and not my own daily, more focus on showing kindness daily, more focus on doing my part for the kingdom daily. Thanks Mathew for the challenge.

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