I’m Thankful for My Irons!

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 I’m not going to even attempt to list names, I know that would not prove successful for me.  But, instead I want to encourage all of us to appreciate the people that God has placed in our lives who truly love and care about Read More >


Today at work while discussing a tragic accident that resulted in a child’s death, I found myself in a discussion with two of my co-workers on forgiveness. One of the items we pondered was “are there things/acts that are unforgivable”? I believe the answer to that is a resounding NO.  For me, it is my Read More >

Blow Your Trumpet

blow your trumpet

Today at church we celebrated Pastor Dean’s 43 Anniversary. 43 years of shepherding over Ebenezer Baptist Church. Our speak Dr. James A. Hudson, Associate Minister at Emmanuel Baptist Church, in Newport News, VA encouraged our Pastor to continue to “Blow His Trumpet”-continue to share the truth of God’s word. The bible verse referenced was Isaiah Read More >

Strength in Our Cry

Tonight I  saw the movie Courageous at church, Ebenezer Baptist Church,  http://www.ebenezerhampton.org/. Oh my, what a powerful movie. After the movie we discussed the characters and their backgrounds, situations and points in their life that transformed them. In one scene, Javier, who was recently laid off and had become behind on his bills was calling Read More >

Gatorade Guidance

While watching Denver and New England tonight my spirit was moved. Not by the game but by a commercial. In short the commercial aligns with the fact that success is not rooted in the “external” but in the “internal”.  As we navigate through life we have to be able to tap into the strength of Read More >

Do you really mean Amen?

We here it all the time in church. The Pastor makes a comment, we like what was said and to show agreement we say “Amen”.  After certain songs we say “Amen”. After scripture is read, we end with “Amen”. But do you really mean Amen? Do you know what you are saying when you say Read More >

2012 Resolution-A Do Over

For 2011, I made a resolution but I was not successful, so I’m going to stick with it until I get it right.http://walkinthetruth.com/http:/walkintruth.com/2011-here-i-come.  Essentially, I’m giving myself a do-over. I’m keeping my word choice for 2011 as my word choice for 2012.  My word is…..THRIVE! My declaration, right here, right now, is that in 2012, Read More >

Layaway Angels-An Example of Giving

Not sure if you all have been paying attention to the Layaway Angels movement, but simply put people deemed “layaway angels” were paying off the balance of a person’s layaway that was at jeopardy of being put back due to non-payment.  My aunt actually experienced it herself when she got a call from Wal-Mart indicating Read More >

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